Support RTICC

The Technion is mounting a major campaign to turn the tide in the long-running War on Cancer by bringing together the most brilliant minds and arming them with the resources they need to pursue innovative approaches to conquer this disease.

The Rappaport- Technion Integrated Cancer Center (RTICC) is assembling interdisciplinary teams of doctors, scientists, and engineers from a wide range of fields to combine basic discovery with clinical research to develop ingenious diagnostic sensors to diagnose all forms of cancer at an early, treatable stage; to develop new drugs and create guiding devices to selectively carry them to the disease site; and to identify and prescribe personalized treatments and closely monitor their effect.

We rely on the generosity of friends and philanthropic partners to help advance our work. Whether reflecting your personal commitment to fighting cancer, honoring a loved one or celebrating a special milestone, contributions in all sizes and many forms make a difference.