Associate Professor Irit Ben Aharon

Irit Ben Aharon
Head, Ben Aharon Laboratory, Director - Oncology, Rambam Medical Health Care Campus
Late-term toxicities of anti-cancer treatments

Lab Manager: Dr. Shiri Ashkenzi-Karni -

Anti-cancer treatments may induce a variety of late-term toxicities that may be translated into late morbidity. Among these infertility (gonadal toxicity), vascular toxicity etc.

In our lab we emphasize on revealing the underlying mechanisms for the chemotherapy-induced vascular toxicity, radiation-induced gonadal toxicity and moreover the effect of in-utero exposure to chemotherapy on the placenta and fetal sequel. Elucidating the underlying mechanisms in essential to develop protectants to minimize the toxic effects.

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Gastrointestinal cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, toxicity, fertility, uterus, gonads, cardiac, protectants, vascular toxicity