Clinical Associate Professor Gil Barsela

Gil Barsela
Director of the Center for Malignant Diseases, Emek Medical Center

Professor Gil Bar-Sela is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel. He obtained his Oncology training at Rambam Health Care Campus [RHCC] in Haifa, Israel. In 2003, he received Board certification in Medical and Radiation Oncology.  During 2005-06 he worked in research at the Radiation Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda USA. In 2013, he received board certification in Palliative medicine- as one of the founders in this area in Israel. Between 2013-18, Prof. Bar-Sela also served as the Deputy Director of the Division of Oncology at RHCC.

 He is currently a Clinical Associated Professor at the Ruth & Bruce Rapapport Faculty of Medicine of Technion, Haifa and head of the clinical committee of oncology in the faculty. His main Research Interests are: Palliative and supportive care in oncology, Complementary/integrated medicine in oncology, Basic and clinical research of chemotherapy side effects and the clinical area of Sarcoma and Melanoma. In those research areas he published, until mid- 2018 over 130 papers in medical journals and books.

Prof. Bar-Sela also serves as the Director of the Center for Malignant Diseases, Emek Medical Center.  He is currently a member of the Advisory Committees of the Israel Cancer Association on Palliative Care, Complementary Medicine and the committee for professional guidance