Core Service Support

Pilot projects funding opportunity for TICC Core Services

The goal of this pilot project initiative is to enable research in one of TICC Cores, to advance research projects in TICC faculty member’s laboratory.  PI can choose to address a specific question in cancer biology using one of the TICC cores (i.e. but not limited to: Gntobiotic; PDX; RNAseq; CYTOFF; HTP screening; metabolomics, proteomics). The contribution of the proposed core service to the research project must be clear and of significance to the question posed.


The estimate for the cost of the requested service should be obtained, in writing, in consultation with the Core leader. When approved, funding will be provided to the Core directly. It is expected that 50% of the cost, by way of matching, will be provided by the PI.


PI must be member of the TICC. Collaboration among TICC members is welcomed but not required. Among factors considered in prioritizing the applications are innovation, addressing unmet clinical need in cancer, and the expected outcome.


Proposals should consist of (i) one page, outlining the background, hypothesis, importance of the Core service to the research plan and expected outcome. (ii) Short (1-2 pages) CV of the applicant which includes most recent publications. (iii) Estimated cost for the requested service and its duration, as provided by the Core leader (one page).

Application should be assembled as a single PDF that will be submitted electronically to ( by April 20, 2017.

Update on the progress / outcome of the application will be transmitted to the applicant by May 2017.