Collaborative Oncology Research Proposals

NYU School of Medicine for the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone  

Technion Integrated Cancer Center,  School of Medicine, Technion Israel Institute of Technology



The NYULMC-Technion collaborative efforts were initiated thanks to a generous grant that was provided by the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Foundation, Inc. to promote scientific collaboration between the institutions to advance oncology research. Discussions between NYU and Technion faculties held in NY (2014) and Haifa (2015), promoted 4 collaborations between engineers and biologists from the two institutions, which are currently funded. This funding is designed to enable collaborative, high-risk/high-reward projects focused on key questions in oncology that cannot be accomplished by either campus alone. The goal of the 2017 program was to fund novel oncology research initiatives that focus on lung cancer, pancreas cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, bladder cancer or lymphoma. Topics of interest included treatment of metastasis, resistance and dormancy. Particular attention was given to out of the box approaches that combine the strengths of the Technion and PCC in areas such as unique tumor model systems, nanotechnology and other areas of bioengineering, computation, high resolution imaging and/or single cell approaches.


Outcome of Round #3

Round 3 of this  Collaborative Oncology Research Grant Program included a letter of intent phase with 7 LOIs submitted of which 5 were invited to submit a full proposal. Of the three projects selected for funding in round 3, one will be full funded and the other two will receive pilot funds for support of feasibility.

  1. Amit Meller (Technion) and Robert Schneider (NYU) – Rapid nanopore screen of circulating tumor cells and DNA for early detection and treatment of primary and recurrent cancer – will be fully funded
  1. Avi Schroeder (Technion) Roy Kishoni (Technion) and Itay Yanai,  (NYU) – Following cancer evolution of drug resistance using MEGA-plate nanotechnology transcriptomics – will receive pilot funds.
  1.  Reut Shalgi, Aaron Ciechanover (Technion) and Iaannis Aifantis, Eli Rothenberg (NYU)– Quality control and regulation of the cellular proteome under oncogenic stress– will receive pilot funds.

A workshop to expend on our collaborative initiative is planned for 2018 in NYU, details will follow.