Call for TICC invited speakers – 2020


A call for invited speakers


We would like to announce the 2020 invited speaker program.


The TICC will financially and logistically assist in inviting local and international academic speakers to the Technion in all areas linked with cancer research.


The program includes visits of 6 to 8 world renowned researchers, experts in their field.


During their visit, guests will present a seminar at the faculty of the hosting PI and will meet with TICC faculty members. TICC will provide 50% financial matching for the accommodation, airfare, hotel arrangements and meals up to a total 1,500$ per guest.


Requirements and criteria: 

Invitees are researchers who are associate or full professors, renowned experts in their field linked to cancer research.


Required documents:

  • CV including the list of publications of the invited speaker
  • A letter from the hosting PI, describing the contribution of the guest’s visit to the hosting faculty
  • Proposed meeting schedule for the guest with faculty members.
  • Budget number of the hosting faculty to be used (for the financial matching).


Candidate’s details and additional documents should be submitted in a single PDF document to Mrs. Dafna Joseph ( .